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Project for Innovative AI Chip and Next-Generation Computing Technology Development

Project overview

Project period: FY2016 to FY2027, budget: 4.9 billion yen (FY2023)

To promote the advanced utilization of information — which has rapidly increased with the arrival of an IoT society — it is essential to achieve decentralization of processing, including edge computing that centralizes information processing at the network terminals (edge), from the conventional cloud-intensive approach. In addition, many people have declared the end of Moore's law, which has been used as an indicator of semiconductor development until now. As the extension of existing technology is getting to its limits, there is a need to realize technology based on new principles that can dramatically reduce the processing power of data that is significantly increasing.
The goal of this project is to resolve social issues faced by Japan in a post-Moore era and, furthermore, enhance or restore the competitiveness of Japan's information technology industry. To accomplish this, this project involves the development of integrated technology, including not only hardware but also software and security, by targeting AI computing technology with ultra-low power consumption at the network edge and others, as well as next-generation computing technology based on a new principle.

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Research and Development

(1) Development of Innovative AI Edge Computing Technology

This project will conduct research and development on a dedicated chip with advanced processing capability in a compact and energy-efficient design to realize AI processing in edge computing as well as on computing technology using such a chip, while taking social issues into consideration. It will implement research and development of security infrastructure technology for edge computing as well.

(2) Development of Next-generation Computing Technology

This project aims to establish computing technology that achieves both high speed and low power consumption, next-generation data center technology, and security infrastructure technology by developing technologies that are not on the same line as existing technologies for computing technology in the coming post-Moore era with a view to 2030 and beyond.

(3) Development of Cross-sectional Technology to Realize Advanced IoT Society

This project will develop cross-sectional technologies related to information collection, storage, analysis, security, and other aspects that will enable efficient and advanced utilization of large volumes of data.

(4) Technology Development for Accelerating Industrial Application of AI Edge Computing (*Transferred to "Development of Technology for Designing Energy-Efficient AI Semiconductor Chips and Systems" in FY2023)

This project will conduct research and development on cross-sectional and practical technologies that are considered necessary to accelerate industrial applications in realizing advanced edge computing.

Basic information

Technical field Networks and computing
Project code P16007
Department in charge Internet of Things Promotion Department (TEL: +81-44-520-5211)

Last Updated : January 10, 2024