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Development of Advanced Laser Processing with Intelligence Based on High-Brightness and High-Efficiency Next-Generation Laser Technologies (TACMI Project)

Project overview

Project period: FY2016 to FY2021, FY2021 budget: Continued from the previous year
PL: KOBAYASHI Yohei (Professor, University of Tokyo)

Future manufacturing sites are expected to make further use of artificial intelligence and IoT—the connection of all kinds of things to the Internet—in order to link with manufacturing equipment through the cloud and promote automation as well as labor-free production processes. Lasers are expected to be a vitally important tool for future manufacturing because their processing and other functions are easy to digitally control. However, there are a number of issues related to conventional laser processing, including processing speed, the quality of finished products, and the need for energy conservation.

Therefore, the aim of this project is to develop new high-brightness (high output and high beam quality), high-efficiency laser technology as well as next-generation laser processing technology to disseminate processing systems suitable for the manufacturing of high-value-added products throughout society.

To realize next-generation laser processing systems, NEDO is working on the five themes below, with a focus on utilization of the high energy absorption rate in the unexplored wavelength range, high-quality processing with a low thermal effect via short pulse waves, and innovative high-efficiency semiconductor laser technology.

  • Project overview
  • Theme (1). Respond to developing electronic device manufacturing needs! Development of processing technology using picosecond deep ultraviolet (UV) pulse lasers
  • Theme (2). Contribute to weight reduction of aircraft and automobiles! Development of new processing technology using high-energy pulse lasers
  • Theme (3). Tackle the challenge of future laser processing! Development of future light-source technology for processing
  • Theme (4). Break away from need for experience and intuition in field of laser processing! Building laser processing platform that leads to optimal conditions
  • Theme (5). Make laser processing more advanced and less costly! Development of processing technology using short-wavelength lasers

Basic information

Technical field
  • New manufacturing technology
Project code P16011
Department in charge
  • Internet of Things Promotion Department (TEL: 044-520-5211)

Last Updated : April 26, 2022