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Project to Research and Develop Recycling Technologies for Establishing a High Efficiency Resource Circulation System

Project overview

Project period: FY2017 to FY2022, FY2022 budget: JPY 320 million

The goal of this project is to promote the effective utilization of Japan's urban mining concept and develop innovative technology and systems for efficiently recycling metal resources that help achieve a stable supply of resources/energy and promote resource/energy conservation.

More specifically, this activity involves developing an automatic waste-product sorting system that automates the recognition, dismantling, and sorting processes for used electronic equipment, an automatic waste-part sorting system that optimally sorts waste parts as smelting materials, and a high-efficiency smelting technology for high-mix low-volume metals to complement conventional metal smelting technology. Furthermore, information technologies will be effectively utilized to build a technological base for a strategic resource circulation system integrating the manufacturing and recycling industries.

  • Project overview
    Project overview

Basic information

Technical field
  • 3R and water circulation
Project code P17001
Department in charge
  • Environment Department (TEL: +81-44-520-5251)

Last Updated : May 27, 2022