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Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) Phase 2: Big Data and AI-Enabled Cyberspace Technologies

Project overview

Project period: FY2018 to FY2022, FY2022 budget: JPY 2.135 billion
PD: ANZAI Yuichiro (Advisor, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/Director, Center for Science Information Analysis)

It is essential to create a system in which cyberspace and physical space are interconnected to realize Society 5.0. However, there are still various development-related factors and issues that need to be resolved. This project will particularly establish “human interaction platform technology,” “interdomain data exchange platform technology,” and “AI-based automatic negotiation platform technology,” the subcategories of “cyberspace platform technology,” which will conduct social implementation of cyber-physical systems utilizing big data and AI.

  • Project Overview
    Project Overview

Description of Research and Development

(1) Human interaction platform technology
(1-1) Cognitive interaction support technology:
Advanced interaction support technology that collects and structures verbal and non-verbal data related to human cognition and behavior to enable AI to support and enhance human interaction, and supports situational decision-making and communication with others based on individual needs.

(1-2) Advanced multimodal dialogue technology:
Advanced dialogue processing technology that enables multimodal memorization,integration, cognition, and judgment for human-AI collaboration
(1-3) Learning support technology:
Technology that individually optimizes education and learning activities by collecting big data related to teachers and students from educational sites and combining them with AI
(1-4) Nursing-care support technology:
Technology that reduces the burdens on both caregivers and care recipients by collecting big data related to them from nursing care sites and combining them with AI
(2) Inter-domain data exchange platform technology:
Inter-domain data exchange platform technology for inter-domain data sharing/utilization and establishment of a system to promote distributed and federated inter-domain data exchange for one-stop provision of these data.
(3) AI-based automatic negotiation platform technology:
Technology for automatic negotiation and collaboration between multiple AI platforms.

Basic information

Technical field
  • Robots and artificial intelligence
Project code P18013
Department in charge
  • Robot and Artificial Intelligence Technology Department (TEL: +81-44-520-5241)

Last Updated : May 31, 2022