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Research and Development Program for Promoting Innovative Clean Energy Technologies Through International Collaboration

Project overview

Project period: FY2020 to FY2025, FY2024 budget: JPY 952 million

In order to address the global challenge of climate change, innovation in the field of clean technology through international collaboration is important.

The aim of this program is to develop and strengthen international joint research and development between Japan and other countries in order to create new and innovative clean energy technologies.

This program supports Japanese research institutes and universities conducting joint international research and development projects with institutions from G20 member and other countries.

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    Program Scheme

R&D Themes for FY2022

Project name Consignees Overseas Joint Research Partners Summary
Theme 1: International Joint Research and Development of Innovative Elemental Technologies to Promote the Introduction of Offshore Wind Power Generation That Contributes to Carbon Neutrality
International Collaborative Research for Standard Ground Erosion Tests Against Blade Erosion Niigata University/Yokohama National University/Shinshu University/AIST Technical University of Denmark (DK) PDF
Theme 2: International Joint Research and Development of Innovative Ammonia Production Technologies That Contribute to Carbon Neutrality
International Collaborative Research for Electrochemical Ammonia Synthesis Under Ambient Conditions Osaka University Imperial College London (UK) PDF

R&D Themes for FY2021

Project name Consignees Overseas Joint Research Partners Summary
Theme 1: Development of innovative technologies that can contribute to realizing the industrialization of carbon recycling, such as low-cost CO2 separation and capture and production of useful materials
International joint R&D of CO2 direct utilization jet fuel synthesis for carbon recycle University of Toyama/Japan Carbon Frontier Organization Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) PDF
International R&D collaboration for low-cost CO2 recovery technology using novel zeolite adsorbent Kanazawa University/Mitsubishi Chemical/Tokai National Higher Education and Research System University of California, Berkeley (US) PDF
International collaboration on CCU for circular carbon in Steelmaking SEKISUI CHEMICAL/The University of Tokyo ArcelorMittal Innovación, Investigación e Inversión S.L/University of Oviedo (Spain) PDF
Theme 2: Development of innovative technologies that can contribute to the significant promotion and expansion of hydrogen utilization toward the realization of a future hydrogen society
International joint research for supply technology of high-pressure and purity of hydrogen by chemical compressor using formic acid AIST Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)/East-Paris Institute of Chemistry and Materials Science (France)/Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Korea)/King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia)/Queen Mary University of London (UK) PDF
Theme 3: Development of innovative energy storage technologies that can realize both low cost and high durability battery and heat storage for the effective use of variable renewable energy
Development of advanced low-temperature sintering process using nanocrystals for next generation energy devices AIST/University of Yamanashi Pennsylvania State University (US) PDF
International joint research and development of innovative high-temperature thermal energy storage technology Hokkaido University/AIST KTH (Sweden)/IITJ (India) PDF
Theme 4: Development of innovative materials and components that enable mass CO2 reduction through large-scale implementation in society
International collaboration on CIS-based tandem PVs AIST Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (Germany) PDF
International joint research and development of lead-free alloyed tin perovskite tandem solar cells The University of Electro-Communications The University of Perugia/Italian National Research Council, Institute for Materials Science/University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy) PDF
Long-term stabilization of automotive adhesion and the interfacial design AIST Technische Universität Braunschweig (Germany) PDF

R&D Themes for FY2020

Project name Consignees Overseas Joint Research Partners Summary
Theme 1: Development of elemental photovoltaic cell technologies that simultaneously realize higher efficiency, lower costs, and higher durability more than ever before
International Collaborative R&D for Low-Cost and High-Durability Solar Cells AIST University of Oxford(UK)/CEA-LITEN(France) PDF
International Joint R&D for Multi-Junction Solar Cells Based on Innovative and Novel Structures The University of Tokyo CNRS-IPVF/Bordeaux University (LCPO, IMS)
Theme 2: Development of innovative geothermal power generation technologies utilizing overseas fields, including resource exploration/assessment and materials/measurement technologies
Withdrawal of Proposals      
Theme 3: Development of innovative bioprocess technologies utilizing microorganisms and genome editing technology
Development of Microbial Production of Next-Generation Polylactate from Biomass-Derived Sugars Kobe University/Kaneka Corporation/NAIST/AIST VTT(Finland) PDF
International Project of Innovative Artificial Apomixis Induction Technology Saitama University/AIST/Yokohama City University/Tokyo Metropolitan University University of Kentucky(US) PDF
Theme 4: Development of elemental technologies for innovative hydrogen production/use which contribute to substantial cost reduction for realization of a future hydrogen society
International Joint Research on Efficient Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell  Kyushu University Forschungszent rum Jülich GmbH(Germany)
/Imperial College London(UK)/Paul Scherrer Institute(Swiss)
International Joint Research on Solid Oxide Reversible Electrolyzer Cells  Kyushu University Massachusetts Institute of Technology(US) PDF
Chemical Productions through Formate Intermediates by Solid Bis-metallic Catalysts AIST/Kanagawa University/Hiroshima University Centrale Lille Institut(France) PDF
Theme 5: Development of innovative devices and evaluation technologies which utilize/control unused heat (hot and cold heat) generated from waste heat as well as renewable energy sources
International Joint Research of Innovative Thermoelectric Devices and Advanced Evaluation Technology   AIST CNRS-CRISMAT(France)/(CEA-LITEN)(France)/DLR (Germany)/KERI(Korea) PDF
International Joint Research and Development of Solar Concentrating Reactor for Carbon Dioxide Decomposition  Niigata University/The University of Tokyo
/Shinshu University
University of Colorado(US) PDF
Theme 6: Development of innovative devices and system control/evaluation technologies for making effective use of distributed power networks
Development of innovative solution growth technology that improves productivity and quality of SiC crystals AIST/University of Osaka/Kyoto University CNRS-SIMaP(France) PDF
International Joint Research for Metal-free Redox Flow Battery   AIST CNR-ITAE(Italy)  PDF
International Joint Research on High Voltage Devices and Power Electronics Element Technologies for the Effective Utilization of Renewable Energy AIST/CRIEPI ETH Zurich(Swiss)/mi2-factory(Germany)/Virginia Tech.(CPES)(US) PDF
Theme 7: Development of methodologies to ensure the reliability and quality of innovative heat resistant materials which contribute to improving aircraft engine fuel efficiency
Reliability Assessment Methodology for Advanced Ceramic Matrix Composites(CMCs)  Tokyo University of Technology/Japan Ultra-high Temperature Materials Research Institute/Japan Fine Ceramics Association The University of Birmingham(UK)/ The University  of California, Los Angeles(US) PDF

Basic information

Technical field
  • Support for international expansion
Project code P20005
Department in charge
  • International Affairs Department (TEL: +81-44-520-5190)

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