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Development of Technologies to Promote Photovoltaic Power Generation as a Primary Power Source

Project overview

Project period: FY2020 to FY2024, FY2022 budget: JPY 3.05 billion

Among renewable energy technologies in Japan, solar power is the most widely utilized and is expected to become even more important for the provision of carbon-neutral energy. Japan is steadily approaching the realization of a society where solar power is utilized on a large scale, but various issues must be addressed before such a society can be fully realized.

In this project, NEDO is promoting the development of technologies to address these issues. For example, while the number of suitable sites with favorable conditions for low-cost installation of solar power generation systems, such as ground-based solar farms and residential roofs, is decreasing, modular system technologies are being developed to enable solar power generation in new high-demand settings where conventional solar technologies have not been utilized, such as roofs with weight-bearing limits, exterior building walls, and transportation-related applications such as automobiles.

In addition, with a view to making solar power generation facilities a long-term and dependable source of power, NEDO will formulate guidelines designed to enhance safety in settings where solar power installations are increasingly occurring, such as on hillsides, bodies of water, and farms. NEDO is also promoting the development of technologies to ensure appropriate maintenance of small-scale commercial solar power generation facilities and assess their reliability in an effort to encourage the reinvestment needed to continue the operations of such facilities.

Furthermore, low-cost recycling technologies for solar modules, whose use is expected to increase rapidly in the future, and methods for overcoming power grid constraints, such as output curtailment, will be examined on the photovoltaic generation side. Development of core technologies, such as measurement/evaluation methods for new types of batteries and enhanced solar radiation forecasting, will also be carried out under this project.

Basic information

Technical field
  • Solar power
Project code P20015
Department in charge
  • New Energy Technology Department (TEL: +81-44-520-5270)

Last Updated : May 27, 2022