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Project to Construct a Basis for Research and Development of Innovative Robots

Project overview

Project period: FY2020 to FY2024, FY2022 budget: JPY 509 million

This project is aimed to realize robots that can be applied in fields where the introduction of robots has not been progressing, such as the production of multiple products in small quantities, by promoting the development of elemental technologies important for industrial robots. This project is also intended to develop technologies by going back to the underlying science in addition to improving or enhancing existing technologies, make innovations, for example, by adopting technology seeds in different fields where robots have not been utilized, and strengthen international competitiveness.

  • Project overview
    Project overview
  • Autonomous Delivery Robot image
    Autonomous Delivery Robot image

Description of Research and Development

(1) General-purpose operation planning technology

Establishment of a database of the technology involved in grasping/holding movements and the work targets of industrial robots and development of the necessary logics and algorithms to optimize work plans using the established database to verify robot system development.

(2) Handling-related technology

Development of an end effector that enables linkage with databases and other devices equipped with sensing technologies, and a robot hand that can stably grasp/hold various targets including amorphous objects.

(3) Remote control technology

Development of signal transmission criteria for 5G communications and other applications to ensure safe and secure control of visual, force sense, voice and other kinds of data, even if there is communication delay or disturbance, and a communication method that reduces the fatigue of operators through quantitative evaluation of the influence of operational delay on the human senses.

(4) New robot material technology

Evaluation/examination of the applicability of resins and composite materials by establishing specifications that are mainly necessary for robots, such as strength, rigidity, heat-resistance and durability, and development of technology to integrate pressure, vibration, temperature and other sensor materials into robots and to realize wireless power supply and self-power generation.

(5) Technology Development to Realize a New Delivery Service Using Self-Driving Robots

NEDO is developing self-driving robot technology to realize remote, non-face-to-face and non-contact last-mile distribution (deliveries from logistics bases to residences and designated destinations). In this project, demonstration experiments to operate developed self-driving robots in zones such as housing complexes, downtown areas, commercial facilities and industrial areas, and on some public roads.

Reference: ROBOT Industrial Basic Technology Collaborative Innovation Partnership

Basic information

Technical field
  • Robots and artificial intelligence
Project code P20016
Department in charge
  • Robot and Artificial Intelligence Technology Department (TEL: +81-44-520-5241)

Last Updated : May 31, 2022