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Project to Construct a Basis for Research and Development of Innovative Robots

Project overview

Project period: FY2020 to FY2024, budget: 620 million yen (FY2023)

In this project, NEDO will support basic and applied research on elemental technology such as "handling-related technology," "remote control technology," "new robot materials technology," and "general-purpose motion planning technology," which are key to the realization of industrial robots that can be used for high-mix low-volume production. In delivery services from distribution centers and retail stores to residences and designated destinations (last mile logistics), issues such as labor shortages in the logistics field, rapid increases in the number of units handled for home delivery, and increased needs for procurement of daily necessities have become apparent. Based on the premise that the recent spread of the new coronavirus infection has triggered the need for "remote," "non-contact," and "non-face-to-face" services in all industrial fields, NEDO aims to address these issues in last mile delivery and realize new services using automated delivery robots.

  • Overview diagram showing the research and development content described below
    Overview diagram

Research and Development

[1] Handling-related Technology

A new flexible and versatile handling technology will be developed with the aim of increasing the number of objects that can be gripped and transported and expanding the scope of robot applications.

[2] Remote Control Technology

The need to address the shortage of skilled workers due to a shrinking workforce requires centralized operation of robots through remote control. NEDO aims to establish remote control technology and remote operation support technology that can provide a high sense of realism.

[3] New Robot Materials Technology

The goal is to reduce the weight of critical materials through the use of composite materials and resins and to contribute to energy conservation and lower installation costs through new robotic material technology.

[4] General-purpose Motion Planning Technology

NEDO aims to reduce the cost of robot introduction by building a database of robot tasks and conducting research and development on automatic and general-purpose robot motion planning technology.

[5] Realization of Delivery Service by Automated Delivery Robots

To realize the automated delivery service, NEDO will develop a system capable of monitoring multiple robots simultaneously and conduct an automated delivery demonstration test after appropriate risk assessment.

  • Photograph of delivery robot
  • Photograph of delivery robot
  • Photograph of delivery robot
  • Photograph of delivery robot
Conceptual diagram of delivery robot

Project Leader

HARADA Kensuke (Professor, Department of Systems Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University) * R&D Items [1] - [4]

Basic information

Technical field
  • Robots and artificial intelligence
Project code P20016
Department in charge
  • Robot and Artificial Intelligence Technology Department (TEL: +81-44-520-5241)

Last Updated : March 4, 2024