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Development of Basic Technology to Process E-Waste for an Advanced Resource Circulation System

Project overview

Project period: FY2023 to FY2027, budget: 1.04 billion yen (FY2024)

The growing international demand for resources associated with the growth of the global economy and the worsening of environmental problems, such as global warming, requires a shift from a linear economy to a circular economy. Japan is dependent on foreign countries for resources, and in order to establish a resource-autonomous economy, it is essential to shift to a circular economy based on the reliable reuse of waste products.
This project aims to promote the creation and growth of industries related to the circular economy that combine economic activities with the reduction of environmental impact. This will be realized by establishing fundamental technologies that enable to recycle and utilize a wide variety of waste home appliances, including precious metals, copper, rare metals, base metals, plastics, and other resources without surplus.

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Details of Research and Development

R&D Item (1) Development of Advanced Resource Recycling Process Technology

As technologies that will contribute to the various resource recycling routes for waste home appliances, NEDO will develop (1) product disassembly systems for waste products and (2) innovative sorting systems to diversify recycled materials.

R&D Item (2) Development of Information Linkage Systems

To establish basic technology for the distribution of recycled materials, NEDO will (1) develop an advanced analysis and measurement system to support database construction and (2) develop basic technology to advance the distribution of recycled materials, with the aim of improving recycling through comprehensive information linkage, including the product treatment process.

Basic information

Technical field 3R and water circulation
Project code P23002
Department in charge Circular Economy Department (TEL: +81-44-520-5251)

Last Updated : July 1, 2024