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Development of Quantum-Classical Hybrid Use-Case Technologies in Cyber-Physical Space

Project overview

Project period: FY2023 to FY2027, budget: 1 billion yen (FY2024)

The "Vision of Quantum Future Society," formulated in April 2022, states that it is an urgent issue to accelerate and strengthen research and development and social implementation of quantum technology to create growth opportunities for Japanese industry and solve social issues. Furthermore, it proposes that quantum technology is closely related to conventional (classical) technology systems in areas such as computer science, including AI, and information and communication technology and that it is important to promote efforts while integrating and fusing these systems.

Therefore, in this project, NEDO aims to create use cases that contribute to the improvement of productivity, the maintenance and improvement of industrial competitiveness, and the advancement of energy supply and demand through "Development of Quantum-Classical Hybrid Use-case Technologies," which is utilized through the combination (fusion and integration) of quantum technology (including quantum-inspired technology) and AI.

Research and Development

R&D Item [1] "Development and demonstration of Quantum-Classical hybrid applications"

In the fields of "material development," "manufacturing," "logistics/transportation," and "network" NEDO will develop "Quantum-Classical Hybrid Applications" that can solve business issues of scale and complexity that are difficult to solve with conventional technology by utilizing Quantum-Classical Hybrid Use-Case Technologies and demonstrate their technical superiority over conventional technology and the effectiveness of commercialization under real-world conditions.

R&D Item [2] "Development of software libraries for optimization of Quantum-Classical hybrid"

By utilizing Quantum-Classical Hybrid Use-Case Technologies, NEDO will develop libraries consisting of algorithms, etc., that can be commonly used in single or multiple related fields of "material development," "manufacturing," "logistics/transportation," and "network" that can solve business issues of a scale and complexity that are difficult to solve with conventional technology, and evaluate its effectiveness.
NEDO will also establish and maintain management system (infrastructure systems, operations, etc.) to ensure that libraries are "continuously available with integrity and availability" and that users can "more effectively use" libraries.

Overview Dagram Showing the Content of R&D Items 1 and 2
Overview diagram

Basic information

Technical field
  • Robots and artificial intelligence
Project code P23003
Department in charge
  • Robot and Artificial Intelligence Technology Department (TEL: +81-44-520-5241)

Last Updated : May 17, 2024