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Three Initiatives Based on NEDO's Fourth Five-Year Plan

NEDO's Fourth Five-Year Plan covers the plans NEDO is executing from FY2018 to FY2022. The plan's aim is to maximize the results of research and development. It strengthens management of technology development from strategy formulation to societal implementation and also promotes challenging research and development, accelerates open innovation, and fosters research and development-oriented ventures.

Mid- to long-term problem solving and capitalizing on Japan’s strengths
1. Managing Technological Development to Utilize the Results in Society

Start :

Collecting information and formulating strategies for each field

As technology development activities become increasingly competitive worldwide, NEDO actively collects information on various fields both inside and outside of Japan. Such information is then used to formulate technology strategies, set milestones, and develop project plans.

Collecting information and formulating strategies for each field

One to Two Years :

Developing technology to support progress in fields with a promising future
Project planning

NEDO sets goals for technology development by studying domestic and international technology trends and consulting with experts. It aims to use innovation to drive economic growth and solve societal problems. Projects are planned by looking five, ten, and twenty years into the future.

NEDO projects make it possible!

  • Mid- to long-term initiatives
  • Technological development coordinated with standardization
  • Cross-industrial cooperation
  • Full-scale demonstration
  • International cooperation

Two to Six Years :

Technology development and demonstration testing

NEDO promotes technology development projects and large-scale demonstration projects that are diffi cult for private sector companies to carry out on their own. It aims to make the most of its results. To do so, it focuses on authentication and systems for society to use, while anticipating future developments from a global perspective.
photo of Wind-power generation

Ten Years :

Project review and follow-up monitoring

After a project is completed, an evaluation is conducted by a third party and project results are thoroughly assessed. In addition, NEDO conducts follow-up monitoring of results to examine the economic and social effects of the project.Information collected during monitoring is also used to improve future project management.
review image

NEDO support draws on a wealth of knowledge

■Partnership agreements with foreign countries
NEDO enters into agreements with institutions in various countries and actively supports international development.


■Taking a global approach through standardization activities and intellectual property strategies
NEDO aims to establish international standards that will help promote practical application of developed technologies. It also provides support to research teams participating in projects for consensus building regarding intellectual property. This promotes practical application and global market acquisition.


■Diverse human resource networks
NEDO organizes committees on project adoption, evaluation, technology, and other issues as needed by making use of its network of outside specialists and experts from industry and science.


■NEDO supports social implementation based on authentication, evaluation, and systems

NEDO also considers establishing new authentication and evaluation methods,and revising systems to support technology development and social implementation in collaboration with related agencies. This allows unprecedented technologies and revolutionary results to be utilized by society.


■Public relations for disseminating easy-to-understand information

NEDO holds press conferences and meetings to publicize and disseminate the results of technology development in an easy-to-understand form. It works hard to publicize results using a variety of approaches such as opening databases to the public.


■Promoting practical application through business matching

NEDO supports activities that lead to business so as to accelerate commercialization of research and development results. This includes using exhibitions inside and outside of Japan to cultivate new needs and provide users with product samples.


Last Updated : October 20, 2022