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Research and Development Begins Into Systems for Integrated Analysis of Data from Measurement and Analysis Equipment
– Toward Advanced Analysis Using AI –

April 16, 2018
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

NEDO aims to promote the development of high-performance parts and materials. To this end, it is working to build a platform that integrates data from a variety of measurement and analysis equipment. These include electron microscopes, mass spectrometers and X-ray analysis equipment, of which Japanese manufacturers have technological advantages. Based on this it intends to develop a composite measurement analysis system that leverages AI to make advanced analysis possible.

The platform is planned to be ready around 2022. This is expected to contribute to accelerate development of functional parts and materials and hence the development of the manufacturing industry.

Contact Information

NEDO Materials Technology and Nanotechnology Department
Contact: Otaki, Ashikaga Tel: +81- 44-520-5220­