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Public Solicitation Notice: Registration of Venture Capital Firms to Partner in NEDO Technology-Based Startup Support Program

December 8, 2021

The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) solicits implementors of the following project from the public.

As the project will be implemented based on the government’s budget, the content and other details of the public solicitation are subject to change due to the budget discussion status, change in government policies and other reasons.

The solicitation program

1. Content of the project

Upon implementation of its grant project for seed-stage technology-based startups (hereinafter referred to as "STS project"), NEDO is publicly soliciting the participation of domestic and international venture capitals, seed accelerators and the like to invest into technology-based startups. For the details, please read the Application Guideline.

We invite participation by VCs who can invest in technology-based startups in Japan, continue hands-on involvement after investment, and are eager to discover promising startups. This public call is for applicants who do not have location(s) in Japan at a moment from which to provide business development support for STSs. Applicants who have location(s) in Japan are to apply to another public call instead of this public call. Further information for domestic VCs will be found on the NEDO homepage.  The STS project is based on the current STS project, but at the time of public solicitation the VC-related conditions and other details are subject to change. For details of the STS project, please read the public solicitation guidelines when starting public solicitation for the project.

2. Application method

Download the necessary documents from the Documents section at the bottom of the page.

3. Application period

From December 8, 2021 to noon on December 21, 2021(JST)


Notices on public offering information are occasionally posted on NEDO’s official Twitter page. Please follow it to receive the information.


Application guidelines

Technology/project area
  • Multidisciplinary program
Project code P14012
Project name
  • NEDO Technology-Based Startup Support Program
  • Others
  • Companies (including organizations and the like)
Application period
  • From December 8, 2021 to noon on December 21, 2021(JST)