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NEDO, AIST, and Shizuoka Prefecture Hold Joint Forum

February 12, 2019

On February 6, 2019, NEDO, the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), and Shizuoka Prefecture held a joint forum in Shizuoka City. The forum was held in accord with a March 2015 agreement concluded between Shizuoka Prefecture, AIST, and NEDO to promote the development of next-generation industries.

In his opening remarks, NEDO Executive Director Masayoshi Watanabe noted that R&D activities are increasingly being pursued through open innovation, and expressed his hope that companies and universities in Shizuoka Prefecture would also participate in such activities. Executive Director Watanabe also expressed his hope that the forum would be helpful for those engaging in new businesses, while also revitalizing the economy in Shizuoka by helping local businesses make further use of NEDO's support systems.

At the forum, NEDO made a presentation regarding its support programs for small and medium-sized enterprises and venture businesses, and the CEO of ANSeeN Inc., Dr. Akifumi Koike, provided a presentation describing how his company has taken advantage of NEDO's support programs.

  • Photo of NEDO Executive Director Masayoshi Watanabe delivering opening remarks
    NEDO Executive Director Masayoshi Watanabe delivering opening remarks
  • Photo of NEDO representative explaining NEDO support programs to audience
    NEDO introducing its support programs