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Joint Meetings to Report on Results of Smart Community Demonstration Project Held in Oshawa, Canada

February 27, 2019

On February 19, 2019, NEDO, together with Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation (OPUC) and Tabuchi Electric Co., Ltd. (the project's entrusted party), held a forum in the City of Oshawa, Ontario, to report on the results of NEDO's smart community demonstration project. Attendees at the forum included representatives of the City of Oshawa and Ontario Province and local residents who participated in the project. In addition, the Deputy Consul-General of Japan in Toronto, Mr. Satoshi Ominato, attended the forum as a guest. Later the same day, a briefing on the results of the demonstration project was provided at a meeting of the Oshawa City Council.

NEDO Executive Director Takashi Omote provided remarks noting that under the project, a hybrid inverter system for unified control of solar panels and a storage battery was installed in 30 residences in Oshawa, and the project verified that the new system could successfully provide backup power during outages as well as grid stabilization. Executive Director Omote also expressed his hope that the project results would be disseminated widely.

The importance of participating in the project was reflected in comments from Oshawa residents who noted that the new system provided a sense of security by supplying electricity for lights and household appliances during nighttime power outages. In addition, OPUC representatives noted that, by working with Japan, the utility was able to realize significant outcomes in Oshawa such as reducing environmental impacts, launching innovative renewable energy initiatives, and creating new services.

  • Photo of NEDO Executive Director Takashi Omote delivering remarks
    NEDO Executive Director Takashi Omote delivering remarks
  • Photo of venue for forum on project results
    Forum on project results
  • Photo of participants at forum
    Participants at forum
  • Photo of meeting to introduce project results at Oshawa City Council
    Meeting at Oshawa City Council