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NEDO Participates in Barrier Free 2019

April 23, 2019

From April 18-20, 2019, NEDO participated in Barrier Free 2019, western Japan's largest exhibition for the nursing care/social welfare industry, held at INTEX Osaka.

NEDO's exhibit introduced its Development Promotion Project for Practical Use of Welfare Equipment which supports companies using innovative ideas and technologies to develop practical welfare equipment. NEDO also showcased six products that exemplify the high-performance technology being developed under this project: conversation support software, a transparent digital word board enabling input by line of sight, a toilet timing prediction device, environment-friendly nursing care/hygiene products, a voice recognition and communication robot, and a software applications to identify and help with learning disabilities.

Visitors to the NEDO exhibit were encouraged to touch and experience these devices first-hand, thereby deepening their understanding of how these devices work. Visitors also provided valuable feedback, such as their expectations for other ways these devices might be used in the future. Moving forward, NEDO plans to continue to support the development of welfare equipment.

  • Photo of NEDO booth at exhibition
    NEDO booth at exhibition
  • Photo of welfare equipment displayed at NEDO booth
    Welfare equipment displayed at NEDO booth
  • Photo of visitors experiencing welfare equipment at NEDO booth
    Visitors experiencing welfare equipment