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Smart Community Summit 2019 Held in Tokyo

June 7, 2019

On June 4, 2019, NEDO and the Japan Smart Community Alliance jointly held the Smart Community Summit 2019 in Tokyo.

In his opening remarks, NEDO Chairman Hiroaki Ishizuka noted the importance of stable energy supplies during natural disasters and the growing interest in direct current (DC) technologies for long-distance power transmission. Chairman Ishizuka also expressed his hope that smart community technologies would play a major role with regard to securing stable energy supplies.

In the first session of the summit, experts from Japan and the United States gave presentations on the subject of strengthening resilience against natural disasters. During this session, activities in each country aimed at increasing the resilience of energy systems and pursuing standardization in relation to natural disaster countermeasures were introduced. In the second session, under the topic of pursuing the best AC/DC mix in the upcoming DC era, presentations on the latest trends and future prospects for DC technologies were provided by experts from Japan, China, and Germany.

  • Photo of NEDO Chairman Hiroaki Ishizuka delivering opening remarks
    NEDO Chairman Hiroaki Ishizuka delivering remarks
  • Photo of large audience at summit venue
    Summit venue