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Ceremony Held to Commemorate Completion of Japan's First ORC Cogeneration Facility for Heat and Electric Power Generation Using Bamboo Biomass

September 4, 2019

Under a NEDO project designed to promote the development of biomass energy, Bamboo Energy Co., Ltd. has completed construction of Japan's first organic rankine cycle (ORC) cogeneration facility for heat and electric power generation using bamboo biomass in the town of Nankan, Kumamoto Prefecture, and a ceremony was held to commemorate completion of the facility.

In order to address the regional problem of unmanaged and overgrown bamboo forests, the NEDO project seeks to promote the comprehensive utilization of bamboo resources and enhance their value. The project also aims to make the most of biomass resources existing in the Kumamoto region and develop a biomass energy system that will improve local economic conditions.

To coincide with full-scale demonstration operations of the facility beginning in October 2019, the completion ceremony, as well a ceremony to commemorate ignition of the facility, took place in the town of Nankan on August 29, 2019. Attendees at the ceremonies included: NEDO officials; Ms. Kumi Okada, President of Bamboo Energy Co., Ltd.; Mr. Koichi Sakamoto, Manager of the Energy Policy Division of the Kumamoto Prefecture Department of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Labor; and Mr. Yasuhiko Sato, Mayor of Nankan Town, as well as representatives of companies involved with construction of the facility.

  • Photo of completion ceremony
    Completion ceremony
  • Photo of ignition ceremony
    Ignition ceremony