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NEDO Participates in Innovation Leaders Summit 2019

November 1, 2019

From October 28-30, 2019, NEDO participated in the Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS) held at Toranomon Hills in Tokyo. During the Summit, 23 startups receiving assistance from NEDO participated in the NEDO/J-Startup Exhibition while 27 companies selected by NEDO participated in the NEDO Dream Pitch event. In addition to these events, a NEDO/Japan Open Innovation Council (JOIC) Conference took place under the title "Forefront of Corporate Venture Capital."

At the matching event held at the same venue, 39 promising startups recommended by NEDO engaged in business discussions with leading companies, thereby raising expectations for future business development.

In addition, tiem factory Inc., a participant in NEDO's support program for startups, received the ILS Award 2019 Grand Prix.

  • Photo of NEDO/J-Startup Exhibition
    NEDO/J-Startup Exhibition
  • Photo of NEDO/JOIC Conference
    NEDO/JOIC Conference
  • Photo of NEDO Dream Pitch
    NEDO Dream Pitch
  • Photo of tiem factory Inc. receiving ILS Award 2019 Grand Prix
    Ceremony for ILS Award 2019