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Ceremony Held to Commemorate Completion of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Station for CNG-powered Vehicles in Indonesia

December 19, 2019

NEDO, in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation, Hino Motors, Ltd., Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Toho Gas Engineering Co., Ltd., and the Japan Automobile Research Institute, has completed construction of a station for fueling CNG-powered vehicles in the Karawang International Industrial City near Jakarta. A ceremony to commemorate completion of the station was held on December 17, 2019. Attendees at the ceremony included Secretary General Ego Syahrial of the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, NEDO Executive Director KOBAYASHI Izuru, Secretary for Development Ahmad Hidayat of the Karawang Regency, and First Secretary NAKAYAMA Fumihiro of the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia. In total, approximately 150 Japanese and Indonesian stakeholders involved in the project attended the ceremony. After the ceremony, local media provided coverage during a thunderstorm, indicating the high level of local interest.

The ceremony took place in relation to a NEDO demonstration project to create a sustainable transportation system, including the construction of needed infrastructure, with a view to promoting the usage of CNG-powered vehicles in Indonesia. In addition to the 10 CNG-powered passenger cars and 18 CNG-powered trucks whose operations are already being monitored under the project, full-scale demonstration research will be conducted by operating the new CNG fueling station under real-world conditions. In April 2020, two additional CNG fueling stations will be installed at existing gas stations located in the Jakarta metropolitan area, and demonstration operations are scheduled to take place at these stations for about one year.

  • NEDO Executive Director Kobayashi making remarks at completion ceremony
    NEDO Executive Director Kobayashi
    delivering remarks
  • Secretary General Ego making remarks at completion ceremony
    Secretary General Ego delivering remarks
  • Photo of ribbon-cutting at ceremony
    Ribbon-cutting at ceremony
  • Photo of local media providing coverage of ceremony
    Local media providing coverage of ceremony