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Public Relations Department

Profile of NEDO cover image
Annual Report cover image

Technology Strategy Center

Technology Strategy Center cover image

Evaluation Department

NEDO Success Stories cover image

International Affairs Department

NEDO International Projects cover image [English]
NEDO International Projects cover image [Chinese]
NEDO International Projects cover image [Russian]
NEDO International Projects cover image [Vietnamese]

Robot and Artificial Intelligence Technology Department

Projects in the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Fields 2022  cover image

New Energy Technology Department

NEDO offshore wind energy progress Edition II cover image
Introduction of the Demonstrative Project on Grid-Interconnection of Clustered Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems cover image
Demonstrative Research on Clustered PV Systems cover image
FCH2009-2010 cover image
Introduction requirements and technical guidelines on self-sustaining local biomass energy systems (digest Version) cover image

Internet of Things Promotion Department

Profile of IoT Promotion Department (FY2022)  cover image
Electronic and Information Systems, Materials and Nanotechnology 2015  cover image

Smart Community Department

Japan Smart Community Alliance cover image

Environment Department

NEDO's Environmental Technology Activities in 2021 cover image
Gene Expression Profiling to Acquire Data Sets Correlated with Repeated Dose 28-Day Oral Toxicity Studies in Rodents
 cover image
High-throughput Assay Systems That Use Cultured Cells Developed cover image
R&D of In Vitro and In Silico Alternatives to Animal Testing under the Strategic R&D of Chemical Risk Analysis Technologies by NEDO, Japan cover image
Fluorinated Reduction Technologies 2014 ―Toward the Prevention of Global Warming― cover image
Research and Development of Nanoparticle Characterization Methods cover image
Multi-purpose Coal Gasification Technology Development-Coal Energy Application for Gas, Liquid & Electricity (EAGLE) cover image
Clean Coal Technologies in Japan cover image

Green Innovation Fund Projects

Green Innovation Fund Projects cover image

Technological Development Promotion Department

International Joint Research Program (NEDO Grant) 2008  cover image

Kyoto Mechanism Promotion Department

FY2008 Kyoto Mechanisms Credit Acquisition Program  cover image

Last Updated : September 15, 2023