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NEDO Releases English Version of "Offshore Wind Measurement Guidebook"

June 23, 2023

NEDO has released the "Offshore Wind Measurement Guidebook" which summarizes information necessary for business plans and wind turbine design for offshore wind farms, which has not been organized in Japan, for those conducting wind condition observations.

This guidebook was formulated as part of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization's "Project to Support Fixed-Bottom Offshore Wind Farm Development (Establishment of offshore wind resource assessment method)" and established an offshore wind observation method that is lower cost and more accurate than conventional observation methods. In addition to the Japanese version of the guidebook that had already been published, we have created an English version. NEDO expect that this project will further expand the introduction of offshore wind power generation.

  • Figure
Figure: Schematic diagram of wind condition observation by dual scanning lidar
(Left: Figure of wind observation from onshore, Right: View from directly above)

PDF Offshore Wind Measurement Guidebook

The main contents of the guidebook are as follows. Chapters 2 to 7 explain specific observation methods.

  1. Outline
  2. Wind measurement and wind condition evaluation
  3. Measurement using offshore meteorological masts
  4. Offshore measurement using Dual Scanning LiDAR
  5. Offshore measurement using Single Scanning LiDAR
  6. Offshore measurement using vertical LiDAR
  7. Offshore measurement using a Floating LiDAR System
  8. Complementation of missing data and its accuracy verification
  9. Reporting

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