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Overseas Researcher Invitation Project (Japan Trust International Research Cooperation Program)

Project overview

Project period: starting in FY2001, annual project cost: JPY 15 million

Under this project, NEDO and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, a national research and development agency, invite foreign-based researchers to participate in joint research with companies and other organizations in Japan.

For these invitations, NEDO starts the process by soliciting applications from companies (called host institutes below) hoping to conduct joint research in Japan with foreign-based researchers (called invited researchers below) in relation to research on basic mining and manufacturing technologies.* For host institutes with proposals, a committee consisting of academic experts conducts a strict screening of the candidate researchers as well as the research themes, and then the host institutes are selected.

Note that this program is administered by the Japan Trust, a charitable trust fund that consists of donations from individuals and companies that support the goals of the program.

  • Basic mining and manufacturing technologies refers to technologies in the mining and manufacturing fields that significantly contribute to enhancing the national economy and the foundation of the lives of the people.

1. Project scheme (available only in Japanese)

2. Mandatory publication of financial statements (available only in Japanese)

3. Selection results (available only in Japanese)

Basic information

Technical field
  • Invitation projects
Project code P01035
Department in charge
  • International Affairs Department (TEL: +81-44-520-5190)
  • Innovation Promotion Department (Mandatory Publication of Financial Statements) (TEL: +81-44-520-5170)

Last Updated : September 1, 2023