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FY 2022 Budget (1.28 billion US dollars)
(FY 2022 tentative budget)

NEDO aims to address energy and global environmental problems and raise the level of industrial technology through integrated management of technological development. This ranges from the discovery of technology seeds to the promotion of mid- to long-term projects and support for practical application.

* As only an outline of NEDO's activities is given below, individual budget amounts do not add up to the total.

Individual Operational Activities

Energy Systems (472 million US dollars)

Areas of focus

  • System provision technology
  • Energy storage technology such as batteries
  • Technology related to hydrogen production, storage, transport, and use
  • Renewable energy technology
  • Links within this site See more details (Energy Systems)

Energy Conservation and Environment (341 million US dollars)

Areas of focus

  • Technology to harness unutilized thermal energy
  • Environmentally friendly steel manufacturing technology
  • Development of high-efficiency coal-fired power generation technology
  • CO2 capture, utilization and storage
  • Fluorocarbon recovery technology
  • 3R technology, including resource screening and metal refining technology
  • International demonstrations, Joint Crediting Mechanism activities, and other activities
  • Links within this site See more details (Energy Conservation and Environment)

Industrial Technology (350 million US dollars)

Areas of focus

New Industry Creation and Discovery of Technology Seeds (57 million US dollars)

Areas of focus

*In addition to the above, the following programs will be funded and conducted as publicly solicited research and development projects.

  • Links within this site Moonshot Research and Development (206 million US dollars)
  • Research and Development Project for Enhancement of the Bases for Post-5G Information and Communication Systems (2.5 million US dollars)
  • A new window will open Green Innovation Funding Program (16.3 billion US dollars)
  • Program for Developing Important Economic Security Technologies (1.02 billion US dollars)
  • Programs for Specified Semiconductor Production-Related Development (5.04 billion US dollars)

Last Updated : July 12, 2022