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About NEDO

  • NEDO plays an important role in Japan's economic and industrialization policies through its funding of technology development activities. NEDO also acts as an innovation accelerator to realize its two basic missions of addressing energy and global environmental problems and enhancing industrial technology.
  • NEDO coordinates and integrates the technological capabilities and research abilities of industry, academia, and government instead of employing its own researchers. It also promotes the development of innovative and high-risk technologies. NEDO aims to contribute to the resolution of social issues and market creation by demonstrating and producing practical applications of such technologies.

NEDO's Missions

■Addressing energy and global environmental problems

NEDO actively undertakes the development of new energy and energy conservation technologies. It also conducts research to verify technical results. Through these eff orts, NEDO promotes greater utilization of new energy and improved energy conservation. NEDO also contributes to a stable energy supply and the resolution of global environmental problems by promoting the demonstration of new energy, energy conservation, and environmental technologies abroad based on knowledge obtained from domestic projects.

■Enhancing industrial technology

With the aim of raising the level of industrial technology, NEDO pursues research and development of advanced new technology. Drawing on its considerable management knowhow, NEDO carries out projects to explore future technology seeds as well as mid- to long-term projects that form the basis of industrial development. It also supports research related to practical application.

Positioning of NEDO

In its role as an innovation accelerator, NEDO formulates project plans and establishes project implementation frameworks by combining the capabilities of industry, academia, and government, including public solicitations of project participants. NEDO carries out research and development projects and set targets based on changes in social conditions in order to realize maximum results.

NEDO's position

History of NEDO

  1974 Japan's long-term Sunshine Project to develop new energy technologies started
  1978 Long-term Moonlight Project to develop energy conservation technologies started
October 1980 New Energy Development Organization established under the Law Concerning the Promotion of the Development and Introduction of Alternative Energy
  1982 Alcohol production business activities transferred from the government
October 1988 Industrial technology research and development added; name changed to New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
  1993 New Sunshine Project started
  1996 Coal Mine Damage Agency integrated; coal mine damage compensation program added
  2001 Based on the abolition of the Alcohol Monopoly Law, alcohol sales operations added
October 2003 Incorporated Administrative Agency New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization established under the Act on the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
  2006 Alcohol production and sales operations transferred to a special corporation; Kyoto Mechanism Credit Acquisition Program added
  2007 Coal mine damage recovery transitional operation completed
April 2015 Redesignated and renamed National Research and Development Agency New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization to reflect the enforcement of a partial amendment of the Act on General Rules for Incorporated Administrative Agencies and the Act on the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
  2016 Kyoto Mechanisms Credit Acquisition Program Discontinued

Last Updated : January 7, 2020