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News List (2020)

[Jun . 19] What's New NEDO Concludes Agreement with Fukushima Prefecture to Expand Use of Low-Carbon Hydrogen
[May . 14] Other (Updated) Public Call for proposals: Moonshot Research and Development Program/ Realization of sustainable resource circulation to recover the global environment by 2050
[Mar . 30] Press Release NEDO and Toshiba release sample software for autonomous mobile robot interface enabling multiple robots from different manufacturers to operate under a common system
[Mar . 24] Press Release Development of a Highly Stable Magnetorheological Fluid (MR Fluid) That Does Not Sediment Even After Long Storage
[Mar . 10] What's New Opening Ceremony Held for Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R)
[Mar . 7] Press Release The world's largest-class hydrogen production, Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R) now is completed at Namie town in Fukushima.
[Feb . 25] Other Moonshot Research and Development Program
[Feb . 17] What's New NEDO Holds FY2019 "TSC Foresight" Special Seminar
[Feb . 12] What's New NEDO Launches Demonstration Project in Thailand to Optimize Power Plant Efficiency
[Feb . 10] What's New NEDO Chairman Meets with Slovenian Government Delegation
[Feb . 5] What's New NEDO Participates in "nano tech 2020"
[Feb . 3] What's New NEDO AI & ROBOT NEXT Symposium Held in Tokyo
[Jan . 31] What's New NEDO Holds Meeting to Report on Final Results of Technology Development Project for Robot Commercialization Applications
[Jan . 29] What's New NEDO Chairman Gives Keynote Speech at VerdeXchange 2020
[Jan . 24] What's New NEDO and Tokyo Metropolitan Government Conclude Agreement on Promotion of Hydrogen Energy
[Jan . 23] What's New NEDO Holds Symposium on Development of Innovative Sensing Technology to Realize IoT Society
[Jan . 20] Press Release Japan’s NEDO and Panasonic Achieve the World’s Highest Conversion Efficiency of 16.09% for Largest-area Perovskite Solar Cell Module