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NEDO Special Courses (Comprehensive Implementation of Human Resource Development, Industry-Academia Collaboration, etc. Centered on NEDO Projects)

Project overview

Project period: starting in FY2006

The goal of this project is to help develop Japan's industrial technology by establishing a venue to develop human resources to support advanced and integrated technologies as well as promote, in terms of human interaction, industry-academia collaboration.

More specifically, this project involves implementing the below activities in relation to: [1] NEDO projects in which universities or other research institutions are providing the core technologies and are in the process of producing or have produced superior results (i.e. core projects) and [2] the highest-level research centers in Japan in terms of technology management.

  1. Human resource development
    With regard to the core technology or technology management of core projects, lectures and seminars are held where instructors are core-project leaders, company experts, or similar professionals, and a human resource development program is being implemented that utilizes peripheral research.
  2. Expansion of interpersonal exchanges,
    A network of researchers, engineers, and others is being created and interpersonal exchanges and similar projects are being organized that focus on core technologies or technology management of core projects.
  3. Implementation of peripheral research
    Basic research is being conducted related to core technologies or technology management of core projects. Derivative research is also being conducted that contributes to the dissemination or further development of basic research results.

(1) Courses related to core projects

(fiscal year)
Name of course related to core project Course representative Link
2006 to 2010 OHTSU Motoichi, Professor, University of Tokyo
2006 to 2010 HIRAO Kazuyuki, Professor, Kyoto University
2007 to 2009 HASHIDA Mitsuru, Professor, Kyoto University
OKANO Teruo, Professor, Tokyo Women's Medical University
2007 to 2011 HASHIMOTO Kazuhito, Professor, University of Tokyo
2007 to 2010 TANIOKA Akihiko, Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2007 to 2013 SHIMADA Ichio, Professor, University of Tokyo
FUJIYOSHI Yoshinori , Professor, Nagoya University
NAKAMURA Haruki , Professor, Osaka University
2008 to 2011 INOUE Akihisa , Professor, Tohoku University
2010 to 2011 SATO Tomomasa, Professor, University of Tokyo
2018 to 2020 Manufacturing Science and Technology Center

(2) Courses related to technology management

(fiscal year)
Name of course related to technology management Course representative Link
2008 to 2013 Course on Innovation Policy Research TERAI Takayuki, Professor, University of Tokyo
2012 to 2014 Course on Intellectual Property Management Research WATANABE Toshiya , Professor, University of Tokyo
2012 to 2014 Special Course for Technology Management for Green Mobility ONOGI Katsuaki, Professor, Nagoya University
2012 to 2013 Systematic Research and Activities Related to the Outreach of Robotics Common Platform Technology in Charge of National Wealth HOSAKA Hiroshi, Professor, University of Tokyo
2012 to 2013 Co-Creation of Robot Systems Based on Features of Local Community SAKIGAWARA Masahiro, Manager, Future Robotics Technology Center, Chiba Institute of Technology
2013 to 2015 The Spread of Industrial Technology and Social Systems KONDO Keiji, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
2014 to 2015 Practical Deployment of RT-Middleware SATO Tomomasa, Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo
OKADA Hiroyuki, Professor, Tamagawa University
2016 to 2017 Development of Human Resources to Create Innovation to Achieve the Social Implementation of Robots HONDA Yukio, Professor, Osaka Institute of Technology
2017 to 2019 Course on Artificial Intelligence that Learns by Using Real Data HAGIYA Masami, Professor, University of Tokyo
NUMAO Masayuki, Professor, Osaka University

■ Maximum utilization of the potential of universities and companies participating in projects

  • Maximum utilization of the potential of universities and companies participating in projects

Basic information

Technical field
  • Industry-academia collaboration and human resource development
Project code P06046
Department in charge
  • Technology Strategy Center (TEL: +81-44-520-5200)

Last Updated : May 10, 2022